What Size Air Conditioner Do You Need?

Today's air conditioners are more efficient than ever.  They use less electricity to cool your home or business but are still powerful enough to make you comfortable on hot summer days.  How do you know what size unit is right for you? Is there a unit that can blow hot and cold air? Which model is the most efficient? We will answer these questions right away.

Room Size - This is the biggest factor in determining the right air conditioner size.  You need an air conditioner that can handle cooling all the square footage of your room with high-quality airflow.  If there are windows in the rooms, they must be covered to prevent sunlight from interfering with the temperature control of your AC system.

Cooling Capacity - Air Conditioners are classified by their cooling capacity in BTUs per hour.  The higher the number, the more cooling power your air conditioner can produce.  The type of AC unit that you should choose depends on how much space you need to cool down.



Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

An air conditioner that is too small for the area it must cool will struggle to make you comfortable or even result in breakdowns that need AC troubleshooting.  It might not even be able to lower the temperature of your room!  Make sure that your AC unit can handle cooling all of the square footage in your rooms, including any windows that are uncovered.

An air conditioner that is too large for its rooms will constantly be cycling on and off as it tries to maintain a consistent temperature across the entire space.  This cycling wastes energy and keeps you from being comfortable.  When you use an oversized AC unit, the first thing you'll notice is how frequently it runs. It can continue to run constantly in a room that is too large with no significant drop in temperature, which wastes energy and keeps you from being comfortable.  This situation is known as "oversizing" the air conditioner.  Another issue that occurs when an AC unit is oversized: it is less able to maintain the desired temperature in the areas farthest away from it.


How To Decide Your Air Conditioner's Size

The simplest way to find an air conditioner that is the right size for your room is by using a calculation you can do yourself.  Measure the length and width of each room with windows that will need cooling.  Add 10% to the total square footage of these rooms, then use this number as your guide when purchasing an air conditioner.

For example, if you have three 10' x 12' rooms with windows you want to cool, add 30 square feet to your original calculations (10 feet + 12 feet + 12 feet = 36 total feet). The right-sized AC unit should be able to handle cooling 36 square feet without struggling or cycling frequently.



Ask Experts For Help When Deciding Air Conditioner Size

If you're not comfortable making this calculation yourself, there's nothing wrong with getting help from a professional AC contractor.  They can always help you decide what size of an air conditioner is right for your needs.

If you do decide to use an AC contractor, be sure that they are not just trying to sell you the highest capacity unit.  You may think you're getting a good deal with a larger air conditioner, but it's only going to waste energy and make your home uncomfortable.  Ensure that your contractor is using accurate measurements of your rooms and windows to calculate the right-sized air conditioning system for your needs. Our air conditioning experts provide AC repairs in Fairview, AC repair services in Murphy and AC installation services in Parker, Texas. Call our team today to get an estimate!