Is It Worth Replacing an Old Air Conditioner?

Yes, it is worth replacing an old AC.

Some homeowners are hesitant to put money into their older unit when they may need that money for other things around the house. However, depending on the age of the system and how much you use it, it might be better to bite the bullet and replace your AC rather than continuing to put money into repairs or worse yet have to continually call a repairman every few months to fix the broken down unit. The good news is if you do purchase a new air conditioning system now any future repairs should be minimal as long as you keep up with routine maintenance.



Can I Just Fix My 20 Year Old Air Conditioning System?

You can just fix your 20-year-old AC.

Although a standard rule of thumb would suggest that a homeowner replace their AC after about 10 years if you have a unit that is older than this and have been able to keep it going with routine repairs then-current technology may allow you to breathe life into your 20-year-old cooling system once again. If you are lucky enough to find an HVAC contractor who specializes in the latest equipment and techniques for bringing your old AC back from the dead then go ahead and contact them. The cost for replacing or reviving an AC might be much more economical than investing in an entirely new unit which will run at least $4000 depending on the condition and size of your home and area...


Should I Call an Expert To Replace My Old AC?

You should call an expert to replace your old AC.

If you have a unit that is beyond repair and either needs a complete overhaul or parts are no longer available then it would be a good idea to put in a call to an HVAC contractor who can come out and give you estimates for both the cost of purchasing and installing entirely new units as well as for replacing your old system with something more efficient. For example, if your 20-year-old AC was only running at 5 BTUs per hour when it came time to purchase new equipment, you might consider saving money by investing in something smaller than what you had before so you wouldn't waste energy...



When Is It Time To Replace an Old Air Conditioner?

If you're thinking about when you should fix or replace your air conditioner, the rule of thumb is usually 10 years. When your unit reaches 20 years it's definitely, definitely a good idea to put in a call for estimates on a new system, if not because the system has reached its life expectancy then usually by this point you have worked enough into repairs that going forward it really does save money just to upgrade the entire thing. By investing in a new unit you can set up payment plans so instead of paying out of pocket all at once, after only making the first initial investment, you will save money since part of your monthly payment will go towards equity rather than upkeep...