Should I Turn Off My Air Conditioner During Summertime?

The best way to use your air conditioner is to leave it running continuously throughout the summertime. This may be the most economical way to cool down an area during hot weather. It also allows for a home or office to have constant air circulation, eliminating the need for fans which are not as effective in moving around stale, humid air inside buildings. When using an AC unit this way, people should keep doors and windows closed so that conditioned air does not escape while fresh air is not let in since doing so will increase cooling costs even more.

However, if people are leaving an area for several hours or days, turning off the AC unit may save money as long as it's done when there is no one in space. In some cases, it can also prevent mold growth which is often triggered by high humidity levels and stagnant air.



Why Leaving Your AC Constantly Running Might Be Better

Central AC units work best when they are constantly running and cycling on and off. Apart from causing other AC problems that need diagnosing, cycling between on and off modes can allow for humidity to build up inside a home or office, as well as dust and dirt, which will become trapped in the air conditioner's filtration system if it is not run continuously. More energy is used to restart an AC unit than to keep one constantly running.  Environments in which an AC unit is constantly running are also prone to mold and mildew growth.

Turning your air conditioner on and off frequently will cause it to wear out faster which may result in loud noises coming from your AC. Also, when you turn it off, all the cool air inside quickly escapes outside, meaning that turning it back on will require more energy since the room has already become very hot. This shortens the life of your unit. Turning your air conditioner on unnecessarily when no one is around or at night when people are sleeping wastes power too, because this keeps the compressor continually running but does not provide any cooling benefit since no one is present in the space to feel any difference.



Why Constantly Turning Your AC On or Off Is Not Recommended

When running an AC unit, it is recommended to avoid shutting off the cooling system at night or when no one is home. If at all possible, people should allow their air conditioner to remain on throughout the day which will eventually result in the greatest energy savings. Turning off an AC unit during warmer months of the year can save energy but may be inconvenient for people who are continually returning home to a hothouse or office because they do not like leaving either one without some type of cooling system activated.

If you are looking for suggestions on how to cut your energy costs, talk with an Air Conditioning Repair Company. They can help you understand exactly what you need to be doing in order to make your system more efficient and save money.