Why Is My AC Not Cooling Properly

Now that we learned what is air conditioning and how it functions, now it's time to dig deep into common AC problems. There are few things more uncomfortable than having a hot summer day and no way to cool down. Hopefully, you had your AC serviced last year and it is ready for this hot weather. But if not, or if there is some problem with your AC unit, we can try to help you find out the source of the issue and help get your air conditioner cooling again. Here's a look at some common reasons why your AC stopped cooling properly:

1) Your Condenser Unit Is Dirty If your condenser unit near the outside of your house is covered in dirt or other debris, then that will impact how well it can cool the inside of your home. The condenser unit needs to be able to expel warm air so that colder air can come in. If there is too much debris and obstructions around your condenser, then it won't be able to expel all the hot air and you'll lose cool air inside too. A professional should be able to clean out your condensers so that it operates more efficiently once again.

2) One alternative problem that we see some homeowners face is that there are no real problems with their cooling unit. Instead, a wrong decision was made when they were choosing the size of their air conditioning unit, which was not compatible with their household.

3) The Thermostat Needs To Be Reset If you just turned off your thermostat because you thought that was why your AC stopped cooling but didn't actually check for other problems first, then that might have been what caused the issue. You need to reset the thermostat after making any major changes before those changes will take effect.



Common Reasons Why Your AC Stopped Cooling

3) The Circuit Breaker Or Fuse Is Tripped If you have a circuit breaker on the outside of your house, then that is likely what tripped if your AC stopped cooling suddenly. You will need to reset the circuit breakers before your air conditioner starts working again. Unfortunately, this can happen at any time and without warning too. This means that it is possible for the appliance to turn off in the middle of winter as well, which can be a big problem. 4) Your Outdoor Coil Is Dirty Most homes have an outdoor coil or evaporator coil, which is used to pull hot air from inside and expel it outside.



Determining The Problem Why Your AC Is No Longer Cooling Properly

It's not always easy to determine what the problem is if your AC is not cooling properly, but there are a few things you can try:

First, check and make sure that all your fans and registers inside of your house are turned on. It might seem like it's hot everywhere but where the appliance is located, so don't forget to check those other places as well. Also double-check that vents leading outside aren't blocked or covered up as that will keep air from being pulled in as well. You also want to see if the compressor is running by looking at the condenser unit outside of your home. Finally, look for any leaks around your unit to determine whether or not it needs repair or replacement due to a broken part, etc. If you notice leaks when it's running, then that usually means the system has a bigger problem than just not cooling properly.

Hopefully, one of these tips will help you determine the source of the issue and get your air conditioner working again in no time. You can always call for a professional for AC repair if none of this helps to get your unit cooling again. While it might be hot outside, at least your home should still be cool until you can get things fixed!