Determining The Best Size For Your Future Air Conditioning System

The size of your AC really does matter. The size can impact everything from how much it will cost to cool your home or business, to the length of time it takes for the unit to start cooling your indoor space. Size matters!

There are a number of reasons why the size of your air conditioning system is important. The size can also determine how it functions and whether or not it should be turned off during nighttime. For starters, the type and tonnage of an HVAC unit are what determines its cooling capacity i.e. how many BTUs are needed. So if you have a large house with high ceilings you might need a larger system than someone who lives in a smaller cape cod style home with 8-foot ceilings.



How Size Impacts The Cooling Ability of Your AC

The size of your AC is also important because it directly impacts how quickly your system can cool the inside of your home or business. Generally speaking, the larger the system's capacity (in tons) i.e. BTUs, the quicker it will be able to reduce the temperature in a given space like an office building or warehouse. Another great reason that you need to pay attention to the tonnage of an HVAC unit is that some manufacturers and contractors try to take advantage of homeowners by selling them systems that are too large for their homes and buildings.



Why Does The Size of My AC Impact My Electrical Bill

Finally, the size of your HVAC is important because it directly impacts how much you will pay to power the unit. The more tonnage an air conditioner has, the more electricity it will require. For example, a 6-ton system may cost twice as much to run in summer months as a 3-ton system i.e. if both systems are sized properly for their building or home. If your system isn't properly sized then you might end up wasting energy and money every month when only part of your home or business needs cooling while other spaces remain too hot - which also wastes money! For more informational articles such as when it's best to turn off your AC during summertime and how to find an AC expert, visit our blog section to find more articles on air conditioning.